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Our past wounds will always be a reminder of where we have been. But they do not have to dictate how we live or who we become.

Kelley Lucy

MA of Counseling

licensed professional counselor


Kelley Lucy works with adult individuals who feel stuck and are determined to break through. You might feel powerless against negative thoughts or feelings about your worth. You might find yourself trapped in relationships that seem to reinforce those thoughts or feelings.

Kelley uses EMDR to help clients fully reprocess negative beliefs and the emotional distress that might accompany them. EMDR is a highly effective treatment for healing developmental or complex trauma. Kelley uses EMDR because it has the capacity to reach those deeply rooted beliefs and chip away at them. Freedom, change, and healing become a reality.

Kelley’s rate is $110 per session. Sessions are 50 minutes.


Personal, Educational and Professional Experience               

  • BS in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University (2006)

  • Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary (2009)

  • Licensed Professional Counselor in State of Missouri

  • Advanced Certificate in Trauma and Abuse from The Allender Center (2012)

  • Trained in EMDR therapy

  • Advanced EMDR trainings - Healing Complex Trauma through Attachment and Somatic Approach