Counselors who come to you.

We are an online, high-quality counseling service. 


Counselors who come to you.

We are an online, high-quality counseling service. 


We Hear You

I am open to seeing a counselor, but there is no one in my area.
— Rural Resident, Florida
Since moving overseas, I cannot find quality counselors that speak my language.
— Project Manager, Japan
There is nobody local that is outside of my organization. I need someone out of my system for more privacy.
— Overseas Worker, France
The traffic is so bad that I spend twice as long in my car than in my counseling session.
— Suburban Resident, Boston

Quality Counseling, At Last

Limited access to counseling should not have the power to determine or dictate a person's growth, healing, and exploration of their life and story. Global Counseling Network exists to change all that. We are passionate about addressing the shortage of quality counseling services. Using a counseling-specific, online, video-conferencing tool, you can meet with our counselors from the comfort of your home or office. 


Our Technology is Safe + Easy

Video conferencing technology has come a long way from the early days of Skype. Today, we use FaceTime and other video conferencing features effortlessly. Global Counseling Network is leveraging these technological advances to create a safe and easy video conference environment that allows you to connect with a counselor wherever you are. 

Our technology is safe because we respect your trust. We comply with the laws that have been set out by the American Psychological Association. We are compliant above and beyond HIPAA laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Most of all, we desire for you to feel safe. Global Counseling Network sees your privacy as just that, yours. 

Our technology is easy to use. Because there is enough hassle in life, we use a platform that incorporates principles of human-centered design to build genuine connection with your counselor. You will hardly even notice the technology. 

Entrusting You to Those We Trust

We are a network of counselors who are carefully-vetted, highly-trained, HIPAA-compliant, and certified. Furthermore, we are united by a common passion to solve the access crisis to counseling services. (Additional counselors available.) 


Mike Sense, Founder and Director

Pastoral counselor, MA COUNSELING, MDIV

Dr. Mark Pfuetze, Director of Counseling, LPC,

 MA & Phd COunseling, MDIV




Dr. Richard Winter, Psychotherapist

MD (UK), past member of the royal college of psychiatrists



steven carlson, plpc

ma counseling, ma Theological studies

Paul Loosemore, LPC


Brad matthews, pastoral counselor

Mdiv, phd theology

Marc SCheibe, pastoral counselor

Mdiv, MA Counseling

lindsay Turner, PLPC


Melissa Alm

MA Counseling

Gary Johnson, LPC

mdiv, dmin

ruth whitmire, LPC


Ally Berttucci, LPC


David Perkins

Pastoral Counselor

Josiah Thompson



Hazel Farris, lCSW

MA Social Work


Lou Carmichael, lpc

MA COunseling

Bekah Irwin, CIT

MA COunseling


Jordan Harwood, intern

MA COunseling student

israel Wright, intern

MA COunseling student

addie yenni, intern

MA COunseling student


Get Started in 5 Clear Steps

Experience what we mean by quality care, contact Jess or Steven today. 

Get Started in 5 Clear Steps

Experience what we mean by quality care, contact Jess or Steven today. 


Step 1: Meet Jess or Steven


Jess Speropulos

Jess offers 4+ years of experience in assisting new clients with counseling services. She holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling. 

Contact her here



Steven Carlson

Steven offers 3+ years of experience in assisting new clients with counseling services. He holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Masters of Arts in Theological Studies. 

Contact him here


Step 2: Receive Your Intake  


Jess or Steven will send you an intake form which will help determine why you are seeking counseling: Depression, Abuse, Attachment Issues, Career Counseling, Marriage Issues, Addiction, Divorce, Anger and Rage, Eating Disorder, Fear and Anxiety, Gender Issues, Grief and Loss, Sexuality, Spirituality or Theological Issues. 


Step 3: Fill Out Your Intake


The intake form is part of us caring for you. Often finding a counselor is a matter of fit. Does my counselor's style suit me? Does this counselor specialize in what I need? These can be tough questions to answer, especially if you are new to counseling. We're here to walk with you through the process. Steven and Jess will use their Masters-level counseling training and your questionnaire with consideration for your schedule, budget, and the services you are seeking. 


Step 4: Options and Login to WeCounsel


You will be given carefully thought out options for counselors. You will also be given a login to WeCounsel. Global Counseling Network has partnered with WeCounsel to give you the best in digital video conferencing technology. The video conference sessions with your counselor are HIPAA-compliant and guarantee your privacy. It is here that you will upload intake questionnaire and other documents. 


Step 5: Begin Your First Session


You and your counselor will be able to meet for as long as you determine necessary at the pace you determine together. You will be guided in contacting your counselor to set up an appointment.


How Do People Change?

Learn more about our approach to counseling. 

How Do People Change?

Learn more about our approach to counseling. 


Through Relationship

People change within the context of a relationship. Basic human encounter is fundamental in the process of change. Many things can contribute to the problems in our lives. In this we want to not only know the problem, but to know you. The point is not so much to "find a solution" or to "fix you". Often this leads to little or no lasting change. We end up breezing past the pain for a short-term relief, missing the long-term healing that can happen. We hope to sit with you wherever you are, believing deeply that presence in a relationship is of utmost importance and value to the growth, healing, understanding, insight, and development that we all need.


By a Dynamic Process

Change, healing, growth is a process. It is often like a journey into uncharted territory. These can be dark places but undoubtedly beauty is there too. When we are aware of ourselves and present with one another, relationships can begin the restoration process. Everything we do as the Global Counseling Network - from the counselors we invite onto our team to the technology we use - it all aims towards creating a space of trust and safety. This is a place where you can be heard, where you can be in process.  


Where Complexity Is Acknowledged

You are a complex human being. We do not desire to reduce you to any label or role. Everything is a part of therapy, and the therapy session can be looked at as a microcosm of reality and of your life "out there." We want to acknowledge reality and help you grapple with, accept, and lean into life, rather than shadows and illusions and shortcuts that don't actually get you where you want, and need, to go anyway. 


In a Larger Story

We live in a storied universe. The stories we are told as kids and the stories we tell today have shaped us. We believe that we all are in a story, not only the unique, specific, individual story that we have been in since the moment we were born, but also a grand narrative that is being told moment by moment, all throughout history, all throughout this great cosmos. So, what is your story?


Our Theology

While theories and approaches vary at Global Counseling Network, our core questions guide who we are: What does it mean to be human? How do people change? Can we be humans together while walking towards wholeness? What is the story that we find ourselves in?

Some of the counselors at Global Counseling Network have studied at the PhD level in both theology and counseling/psychology. Some have been pastors. Others of us are Masters in psychology and counseling therapy. All of us, however, are working from a Christian worldview that takes its cues from the Biblical story of redemption. 


Your Theology

A Christian faith is by no means necessary to receive our services. We welcome any and all from any stage, age, or walk of life, and look forward to meeting you and joining you where you are in life.



Let's end the quality counseling shortage. 


Let's end the quality counseling shortage. 


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