Julia Cost

Pastoral counselor, MA of Counseling

Julia is grateful for varied counseling experiences over the past 30+ years and is delighted for the opportunity to now serve as GCN staff. Julia’s history includes work in the areas of trauma, PTSD treatment/education, counseling adults, couples, and adolescents in relational conflicts and life transitions.  Julia has worked in clinical settings, community Christian counseling programs, residential treatment centers, and full time church ministry. However, Julia sees her most influential period of growth in ministry, and as a wife, mother, and counselor- to have been during the ten year process of her husband’s seminary training, hosting multiple gatherings of seminary students and couples in their home. Witnessing the love and care of brothers and sisters in Christ as they prepared to serve the world by serving each other.  

Julia feels privileged to share in the lives of those who trust their hearts and stories to her, and through the counseling relationship, desires to accompany them on their journey to “the rock”.  From the verses of Psalm 61, the trusting plea of the psalmist is, “Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.” Ps 61:1-3

God knows the big picture. When we are stuck in the mire of our daily lives or overwhelmed by devastating hurt or loss, He points us to a purpose beyond ourselves.  All the while providing shelter and strength to face our enemies- fear, hopelessness, loneliness, (you fill in the blank).  

Witnessing the power of these verses in the lives of others continues to inspire and challenge Julia.  She continues to experience this power in her own life as she walks through widowhood, being a single parent to two amazing young men, and caring for elderly parents in the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease.   There is much yet to learn, but this lesson is sure; He knows our suffering, it is not wasted, He IS faithful.

Education and Professional Experience

  • Julia grew up in Indiana, completing her BS in Education from Butler University.

  • Director of Education and Youth Ministry, Ft King Presbyterian Church, Ocala, FL

  • Co-director, Montreat National Youth Conferences, Montreat, NC

  • Received MS in Counseling from Indiana University, Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN

  • Transitional Living Counselor, Pleasant Run Children’s Home

  • Director, Police Advocacy Support Services (P.A.S.S.) Nashville, Davidson County Police Dept, Nashville, TN

  • Intensive In Home Therapist, BJC Behavioral Health, St Louis, MO

  • Supported spouse in full time pastoral ministry, Riverview Presbyterian Church, Charleston, WV

  • Behavioral Health Intake Specialist, Mercy Hospital, St Louis, MO

  • Move to Indianapolis, Indiana, spring 2019