Israel Wright

counseling Intern, MA OF COUNSELING

Israel grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina. His experience in business management, customer service, creative-design work, and relational ministry abroad & in the U.S. forms his framework for working with others. Israel has completed a year of coursework in Outdoor Education at Montreat College. In January of 2015, Israel moved to St. Louis, MO to begin studying at Covenant Seminary. 

Israel enjoys nature, art, food, music, traveling, adventure, reading and learning about people & cultures. He has a desire to help others discover who they are, what they were made for, and how they can begin living life to the full in the midst of a challenging and confusing world.


Personal and Professional Experience  

  • Master of Arts in Counseling (Antic. May 2018), Covenant Theological Seminary.
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Antic. 2019), Covenant Theological Seminary.
  • 10+ years in business, education and service relationships, working with a diverse demographic.
  • 9+ years mentoring, coaching and developing others.
  • 5+ years of leading others towards goals, working from a holistic paradigm.
  • 4+ years working in relational ministry, serving middle school, high school, college and adult demographics. 
  • 2,500+ hours on the ground in East Africa, immersed in East African culture. 


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