Israel Wright

Pastoral Counselor, MA Counseling

Israel’s framework for working with others developed through diverse experience in business, mentoring, travel, personal-suffering and multi-disciplinary education. Israel sees relationship as central to human development. He believes that honesty, experienced in safe and secure relationships, is paramount to growth and flourishing.

Israel enjoys that his work with GCN allows him to meet others wherever they are, and walk with them on their journey towards growth. He respects that everyone walks this journey at their own pace. Israel’s desire to see others grow and flourish, along with his training and adaptable nature, allows him to collaborate with others in a variety of circumstances.

Israel grew up playing in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and has a deep appreciation for the outdoors, food, art, music, travel, adventure, reading and learning experientially about people & cultures. Israel’s passion for personal and societal growth compels his work with others.

Personal and Professional Experience

  • Master of Arts in Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary

  • 1+ year of providing quality mental healthcare in both clinical and telehealth settings

  • Working knowledge in areas of abuse, grief, anxiety, depression, relationships, and

    family of origin issues—with special interest in developmental trauma

  • 10+ years mentoring, developing, and leading others towards goals—helping businesses and

    communities flourish

  • 5+ years working in relational ministry (serving diverse demographics both locally and abroad)

  • 2,500+ hours on the ground in East Africa, immersed in East African culture

  • Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (Antic. 2021), Covenant Theological Seminary


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