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Bekah Irwin

PLPC, MA Counseling

CURRENTLY ONLY TAKING NON-USA BASED CLIENTS (those living outside of the United States)


Maybe you’re experiencing confusion, loneliness, fear, or pain. Sometimes these feelings are too much for us to handle alone, yet we often believe the lie that if we reach out to others, we will be “too much” for them. We each long to be fully known and fully loved, yet simultaneously fear the very same. In counseling you are not alone; nor are you “too much.”

Maybe you see how your past is effecting the present; perhaps you fear the past will bleed into the future. Life circumstances, the actions of others, or our own actions often hinder us from living in the freedom, joy, and love we were meant to experience. Through counseling you can explore what it means to flourish. The past does not have to dictate the present and future.

Bekah loves working collaboratively with people to push back the isolation, fear, and lies that thwart thriving. She especially considers it an honor to walk with those dealing with the following: anxiety, relational concerns, female sexual issues, life transitions, spiritual concerns, or a history of abuse. Additionally, Bekah’s own experience in ministry has given her a heart for people facing the unique joys and challenges of ministry work.


Education and professional experience 

  • Grew up in South Carolina
  • Studied abroad in Australia, traveled in Europe, and currently lives in England
  • Covenant Theological Seminary (MA - Counseling, 2017)
  • College of Charleston (BS - Hospitality & Tourism Management; Business Administration. Minor - Psychology, 2011)
  • Campus ministry intern with Reformed University Fellowship (2011-2013)
  • Experience counseling children, adolescents, and adults