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Billing For You

Simple is good. Global Counseling Network and Young Life have teamed up to try to provide you clear and concise steps to help you get the care you desire. 

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STEP one - Pay for counseling

Like any other benefit, you first pay out of pocket. 

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STEP two - Type of Counseling & Receipt

You will need to discuss with your counselor if it is Deployment Counseling, a mental health diagnosis or Marriage and Family. Your counselor will then return the receipt to you through WeCounsel.

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STEP Three - Send Receipt

Take your Young Life specific receipt and send to the appropriate email. The receipt  is NOT obtained through the WeCounsel system, rather will be sent to you by your counselor over the WeCounsel messaging platform.

For MARRIAGE AND FAMILY BENEFIT send to Julie Franklin (

For DEPLOYMENT COUNSELING or any other MENTAL HEALTH code, email to UMR (  

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Questions? - Message Jess!

As a former Young Life staffer, Jess has deep love for what you do! If you have any questions in the process, she is your point person! Please fill out the following form to get your question in!