One of the beautiful things about the world we inhabit is the truth that we are built for relationship. Relationship to God, self, creation and others. Trusted Community is an outworking of this. Global Counseling Network cannot do this alone nor desires to. Those that we invite into Trusted Community share similar values. Another way to put this: they love what we love, we love what they love. Shared loves. All of this is to help heal the things that are broken.

Founder - Paul loosemore

Sexual addiction and pornography use, is rampant in the Church, and many of us have little idea how to practically engage this issue. This is why Paul Loosemore (one of our trusted counselors), seeing the need for a guide that you can hold in the palm of your hands, created to empower you and your communities to leave sexual addiction behind as you grow in Christ. There is now a bridge from the counseling room to you and your community. provides the "21 Movement towards life" guide, a step-by-step guide that you can follow and lead others through. You don't have to get stumped or nervous about people you care about struggling with sexual addiction or pornography use - either as individuals or within their marriage. You now have a comprehensive guide.

At you will find:               

  • A guide tailored to pastors, teachers, and leaders to teach them how to use the guide with others.
  • The "21 Movements towards life" guide for $15.
  • More free resources to use for yourself and with others.