Up to $1,000 covered at 100% by Young Life.

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What is storywork?

StoryWork offers 8-15 hours* of counseling that includes: Understanding your story AND Cultural Transition work with a GCN professional via online counseling. Up to $1,000 of counseling covered at 100%. StoryWork is simply taking time to understand who God has made you to be in light of the story of your life. Making sense of the past gives context to the present and hope for the future.

Why storywork?

Whether you are new or seasoned, StoryWork will give you time to explore your story in order to move toward wholeness that will bless you and those in your life and ministry. Be proactive, not reactive with your health!


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Step Two: Work with Jess or Steven to find the right counselor

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*8-15 hours in sessions, dependent on counselor rate