Steven Carlson

MA of Counseling, ma in theological studies


Steven grew up in northern Iowa and is currently living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. He has traveled abroad extensively. He attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa and received his BA in English Literature, with an emphasis on creative writing, and minored in Religious Studies. Steven lived abroad in England and Hungary for a total of a year and a half, living and working at L’Abri Fellowship and also teaching individual English language lessons privately in Hungary. Steven has had much experience living intentionally in community and working in and with group and interpersonal dynamics. He is passionate about healing, transformation, becoming who we were made to be, and living towards an abundant and flourishing life. He desires to work with people through identity issues, grief, anxiety, depression, transitions, relationship issues, intimacy, communication issues, dysfunctional family relations, family of origin issues, and life-stages. Steven has deep interests in creativity and the arts and is a writer and musician. Steven enjoys hiking, cycling, camping, being in nature, engaging with the arts, culture, philosophy, and relaxing with good friends. Steven has years of experience leading small groups, leading worship teams, small-group teaching, facilitating discussions and teaching high school literature and composition. It is his deep joy as a counselor to come alongside individuals and couples, wherever they are in their story, and help them to navigate the troubled and complex waters of modern life and find healing, understanding and restoration in their lives and relationships.Steven has been a working musician for some years, composing, writing, and traveling in various contexts, both individually and with groups. His areas of interest include: grief therapy, identity issues, depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, the Enneagram, shame, art, creativity and expression of the self, and flourishing in whatever space or time any individual finds themselves in. 


Education and professional experience 

  • Steven received a BA in English Literature and Religious Studies from the University of Iowa in 2011. 
  • Steven received an MA in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2016.
  • Steven received an MA in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2016. 
  • 2+ years of intake coordination in counseling center practices.