Step 1 | Contact Jess or Josiah

Our intake specialists, Jess and Josiah, are your first point of contact with GCN. Both uniquely equipped for their role, they are your guide as you enter GCN. They will listen to you, understand your goals, and help you easily access the counseling you are looking for. Jess and Josiah will be with you the whole way and can answer your questions about our process, timing, costs, expectations, and next steps. 


Step 2 | We set up your account together

Jess and Josiah will gather your information and help set up an account with GCN. Once completed, they will make sure all relevant information is in your portfolio and your profile information is correct so that the process is seamless throughout.


Step 3 | We choose a counselor together

Jess and Josiah will present you with multiple options for counselors by narrowing our options to those most suited to your desires and will help make nuanced distinctions for you. From there, you can schedule a first session with the most likely counselor and see if the fit is good. If so, you’re all set. If not, we will continue to review other options until you are comfortable and fully satisfied.


Step 4 | Your counselors comes to you

Because of GCN’s unique platform and perspective on counseling, you will be able to meet with your counselor wherever you are and whenever is best for you. GCN offers the highest quality counseling with the most flexibility available. Your journey will continue at your pace, uninterrupted by travel, schedule, or the rhythms of life. We are here for you, wherever you are.