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Mark's Recommended Resources


Mark's Recommended Resources


Mark Pfuetze

Mark has a heart for working with people who are dealing with sexual abuse, sexual addiction, and personal and marital strife. He loves helping people find freedom in their lives through the gospel of God’s grace. As a counselor, Mark has worked with a wide range of issues including marriage and family, anxiety, depression, conflict resolution, teen issues, emotional, sexual and physical abuse, trauma, and sexual addiction.

Mark holds a PhD in Counseling from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, an MDiv and MAC from Covenant Theological Seminary, and is a licensed professional counselor with the state of Missouri. He has served in campus ministry and as a missionary for several years. You can find his dissertation here

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Mark's Online Aids

Mark's Online Aids

Help Websites

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Intensive Counseling

Mark's Book List

Mark's Book List


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