Paul Loosemore (MA in Counseling, LPC) leads Men in Ministry. 

Paul Loosemore (MA in Counseling, LPC) leads Men in Ministry. 

About  Men in Ministry

For those in ministry: stress, burnout and personal strain are common. Many of you will have few people you can turn to who will protect your ministry and livelihood! You may be depressed, anxious, struggling with addiction or relationships and feel trapped. You likely need friends who “get it”, and let you express yourself! Finding solutions and support together is very rare, and shame can keep us hiding. 

We understand this from experience—Paul has been in full-time ministry and works with many who are. There is a place for the support you need to work out your struggles, and to understand the human condition in a deep way that will help you thrive in ministry. 


Why is the group online?

To connect you with others who you may never have had access too, and allow you to know and build trust with those outside of your daily context. It is easier to attend, technology supports us, and you will experience a growing sense of the expansiveness of God’s kingdom and the commonality of our struggle.


Become connected, supported, and invited to grow in this 16-week group.

Your 16-week group of 8 men will build relationships, understand and identify with you, and care for you in ways you were built for. Understand yourself, deal with isolation, and find a group that could be life-long companions. It is a wonderful opportunity. 

We expect you will experience a support network that becomes some of your most vital partners in ministry. You will covenant with one another to be safe and trusted, whilst also challenging each other to grow beyond what counseling alone can provide. Personal growth will include appreciation for, and tools in interpersonal dynamics, the human heart and self-care. 

The Details


  • Time will be dedicated to relational depth, content exploration and vital support for you in your daily challenges. 
  • You will be encouraged to share, respond and interact deeply with one another.
  • Group is 2 hours and you are expected to attend on time.
  • Rich materials and sermons will be supplied to facilitate growth.
  • 16 weeks, $30 per week(if we have less than 8, the cost will be $35). This is only $480 for a life-changing experience.

The Process


  • Submit your interest via
  • Complete a free 30-minute intake (to check we are on the same page and get to know you a little!)
  • Group will start when we have 8 members and an agreed time slot.
  • You will access group online—details will be given.

Proposed Time Slots


  • Tuesdays - 2-4pm CT
  • Wed 10am-12pm CT