David Perkins

Pastoral Counselor

Mac, mdiv


David grew up in Washington. He completed undergraduate studies, focusing on infant temperament and criminology at the University of Washington. While in college, David became burdened by questions about evil and meaning to life. Through his search, he found the writings of Francis Schaeffer, CS Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, and Jerram Barrs to be helpful. David decided to attend Covenant Seminary to study under Jerram Barrs in the MDIV and MA Counseling programs. 

Recently, David worked with Mission to the World in Northern India among children of parents who have leprosy. David and his wife plan to return overseas. He sees GCN as a tremendous resource for the international church.

David has experience working with refugee families as a mentor at the Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma. He also served as a co-leader in group counseling with First Light Ministries working with men who have sex addictions. 


Personal and Professional Experience               

  • Grew up in Washington state
  • BS in Psychology and Criminology at Washington State University in 2010
  • MDIV and MA in Counseling student at Covenant Theological Seminar
  • Experience in mentoring, addiction counseling, family counseling, and trauma counseling


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