Avant and Global Counseling Network desires for you to have a safe, trusted, professional option for counseling no matter where in the world you are. Be PROACTIVE, not reactive with your health!

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Why counseling?

Braving a new place is hard. - spouse is at work all day, the challenges of singleness, cooped up with the kids, oppressive weather, language is disorienting, sounds and smells are new, establishing friendships is hard, cultural values are hard, this is not as exciting as I thought it would be, my team is a challenge...I feel isolated.

Who can I talk to? Who can I connect with that understands me? Understands intercultural issues? Is safe, affordable and professional? 

Any missionary can relate to the above thoughts and feelings. We know that you being a whole person is crucial in thriving overseas. We want to help with this.

Why Global counseling network?

We provide a safe and easy avenue toward connecting with a counselor. No matter the organization, not matter how healthy, there is always a need to connect with someone outside of your workplace. We desire to be a landing space for you. 

Additionally, our counselors know how to listen, how to understand your world. In fact, most of them have been there. 


Step One:  Connect with Jess or Steven to begin Intake

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Step Three: Start meeting with your counselor